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Dal-Italia is probably the most unusual place in town to enjoy a light meal. As the chef creates your dish, you are surrounded by exotic and exclusive products and flavours from around the world. It's a true delicatessen experience.
In addition to the menu here you will find blackboards that feature our Maestro Specials and latest creations. It's always worth browsing and asking...
Free range eggs, imported Parmigiano, local fresh vegetables & toasted bread.
ADD:     Salsiccia
Brioche alla Francese
Local freshly baked brioche loaf dipped in savory egg mixture, pan fried, with creamy porcini mushroom sauce, free range fried egg, salsiccia & ham
Fagioli e Uova
Imported beans, pan fried free range eggs with pomodoro sauce, basil, parmigiano & toasted bread
ADD:     Salsiccia
Uova al Tartufo
Soft scrambled free range eggs, black truffle salsa, mushrooms, toasted bread & parmigiano
ADD:     Salsiccia
Omelete al Italiana
Folded frittata with free range eggs, mozarella, parmigiano & toased bread
Purea di fagioli e Uova
White bean puree, fried free range eggs, burnt butter sage, mushroom & truffle oil
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This menu is a guide to what is available only and may change at any time
All items and ingredients are subject to availability
Recipes may be changed at any time
Please inform the staff of any food alergies or restrictions
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